Keep Working...

After 35 years of marriage (to the same man), I've come to accept the fact that no matter how long you've been together you gotta keep working on your relationship.  Sure, there are areas that can kinda flow on their own, but the bones of the marriage needs constant maintenance.  

No matter what any one says, each marriage is unique in which areas are most critical to the two people involved.  A deal breaker to one couple may be a drop in the bucket to another.  The trick is to make sure that the critical areas are clearly defined and that both parties are committed to focusing on them.

If you aren't clear about what the critical areas of your marriage are, I would encourage you to have that discussion with your spouse...sooner than later!  You may be neglecting those areas and not even realizing it.  I guarantee that once the conversation takes place, you will be pleasantly surprised at the immediate positive impact it will have on your union.  And how it will begin to get your lives...decent and in order.